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Meet the Staff

Every member of our staff is an active, gigging musician.Together we have a combined 150 years of gigging experience!

Name: Billy Bergeron

AKA: Billy Void

Band: I.V. League

Weapon: Bass Guitar

Guitar Hero: Jake E. Lee

Store Specialty: Basses, Accessories, Guitar Pick Fix

Name: Eric Berg

AKA: Shred E. Kilowatt

Bands: The Regenerators, Virgin Whores

Weapon: Guitar

Guitar Hero: Jimmy Page

Store Specialty: Guitars, Pickups, Full Stack Attack

Name: Tom Carlson

AKA: Death Metal

Band: The Regenerators

Weapon: Bass Guitar

Guitar Hero: Kurt Cobain

Store Specialty: Parts, Repairs, Angst

Name: Brad Johnson

AKA: Bradley J.

Band: The Regenerators

Weapon: Guitar

Guitar Hero: Ace Frehley

Store Specialty: Sales & Anxiety

Name: Taylor Froehlich

AKA: Taytay

Band: Trita

Weapon: Left Handed Bass

Guitar Hero: John Denver

Store Specialty: Effects Pedals & Web Chaos

Name: Matt Parkins

AKA: Matthias

Band: VolsungaSaga

Weapon: Guitar / Vocals

Guitar Hero: James Hettfield

Store Specialty: Sales and Matt Work

Name: Mike Mastel

AKA:  Head hunter

Band: Brüder

Weapon: Guitar

Guitar Hero: Josh Homme

Store Specialty: Repairs & Sales 


Name: Rob Ristow

AKA:  Homewrecker

Band: Shadow Dancer

Weapon: Difiance Seraph

Guitar Hero: Paul Gilbert

Store Specialty: Luthier & Mad Science