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As musicians, we know that a broken instrument can put you out of business. And one that’s poorly set up—let’s face it— is no fun to play.

Whether or not you bought your instrument from us, and whether or not it’s still relatively new and under warranty or old and collecting dust, as authorized dealers for a number of lines we provide a full suite of repair services and adjustments to help you perform at your peak.

Also unlike a lot of places we employ a in-house full time luthier/amp tech so we're able to turn around your repair fast...some same day service is also available!

Our repair services include:

  • Basic set-up and adjustment
  • String, nut, and bridge replacement
  • Electronics troubleshooting
  • Pickup upgrades and installation
  • Advanced and/or complex repairs
  • Amplifier repair and servicing
  • Warranty repairs

If you'd like more information about our repair services, please contact us