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NEW! Phillips Pickups Flashover PH6015 handwound humbucker pickup USA

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The Flashover is a true scorcher! It’s a high output humbucker with a powerful punch and pronounced high end that still retains an overall warm feel because of its Alnico V magnet. We love this pickup for down tuned rock and metal, but it works just as well in moderate gain and clean tone settings. When split it has a very cool high output single coil tone reminiscent of the neoclassical shredders of the 80’s!
Suited for: Classic and Heavy Rock, Metal, Punk, Alternative
Model# PH6015

DC Resistance: 17.2k

Magnet: Alnico V

Hookup: 4-conductor w/shield

Custom coil colors, pole pieces, and covers are available. Please contact us for a quote. Sound clips available on the Phillips Pickups site.